MMORPG.LV is my solo hobby project.

Idea is to create MMORPG with focus on learning hundreds of unique skills/abilities, explore wast lands, find secret things and rare creatures.
Main concept of progression is to make player "gather knowledge". There will not be information about spells. You will need to find out how it works by yourself or
using hints - placed all around wast lands, in scrolls or in quests.
Game will have PvE and PvP part. Will be possible to do things solo or in groups.
World builder is already created, so expanding lands is matter of minutes. And it will improve over time.
Combat system: As there will be large amount of spells and abilities, players will have a chance to win by better reacting to enemy moves.
Since most of spells can not be casted over obstacles - positioning is factor in wictory. This allows tanks to be effective in pvp.
Players will be able to create strategies, combos, cast AOE effects and place traps.