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1. You spawn with one planet
2. Each planet has 1 resource(metal)
3. Totally there are 15 different metals
4. Resource by itself is not useable, it needs to be processed
5. You must to choose/combine 3 metals to process into one useable resource. For example choose metals:A, A, A or A, A, B or A, B, C
6. There are currently 680 combinations to discover
7. Each combination has its own stats. For example weight, strenght, production time, production loss, flexibility, durability, energy output and many more are planned
8. So player would seek to obtain and research many combinations to find better one for fuel, building battle ships, light combinations for scout ships, cheap combinations for probes and so on..
9. There is planned complex ship designer tool
10. Ship parts will affect not only performance, but also special abilities like: slowing down enemy ships with jammers, AOE attacks, EMP attacks, short time cloaking, pushing back enemy fleet with womhole generator and many more