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1. Your char is always in middle
2. Blue chars are friendly
3. Red chars are not friendly
4. You can move once in 3 sec for now(subkect to add mounts to move once in 1 sec while not in combat).
5. You can attack 10 sec after you move(subject to test, probably needs to be reduced), too long?
6. House icon means there is some building or portal there
7. You can still attack friendly players, yourself or even ground. This will be needed for some mechanics.
8. On mouse over(PC), click on target(phone), you can get some info about location/target. Later on this info will be more usefull(buffs,guild,debuffs)
9. Currently there are 12 spells to learn.
10. To get out from battleground - kill yourself :D
11. Added russian client(server is same). Will add some chat rooms for them. To do soon list:
1. Meelee class in progress
3. Passive healing in process. For now hope you learn healing spell.
4. Mob AI simple for now. Will implement aggro system, skills and agressive/passive mobs as well as ranged mobs.
5. Direction movement(SE, SW, NE, NW) in progress. Will make AI less dumb. / Still to do for AI / Disable buttons if cannot move there
6. Chat is basic and for simple communication for now.
7. Debuffs/buffs to clear after death
8. Enviroment is simple for now. Later different buildings will have different icon.
9. Log out to remove char from game.
10. Mounts. Will allow to mount up if not 10 sec in battle(did not take damage or casted spell). Makes movement once in 1 sec.
11. AOE and debuff kill to give exp
To test:
1. Mob spawn. How many spawns with many players?
2. Mob AI with many players.
3. Basic PvP(you can teleport to PvP zone). Is PvP dumb? Should diagonal directions add more CD than side ones?
4. Bugs/Errors
Submited notes by players:
In progress at the moment:
1. Log out to remove char from game.